What I got for FREE today – June 11, 2015

Inspired by the Krazy Coupon Lady blog and the coupons I got from Influenster recently, I decided to try my hand at scoring some freebies this week.  From previous attempts, I know that success really comes down to whether your store has the exact items in stock or not.  It can be aggravating when it doesn’t pan out, but since I had a big trip to Wal-Mart in my future anyway, I went for it. To prep, I read up on the advertised sale/coupon combos over at KCL, and printed the coupons I could.  I skipped anything requiring shopping apps or coupons from the newspaper, because I’m just easing into this after all. 😉 My first two items didn’t pan out – my store had the items, but not the right size packages.  A little disappointing, but since I knew my Influenster items would be free, I kept rolling.  The rest of the items were available, and I actually walked out of the store having made money on them!  Here’s what I got:

Uncle Ben’s  – $1.98 – Free, thanks to Influenster

Ore Ida – $1.25 – Free, thanks to Influenster

AirWick Warmer only – $0.94, used a coupon for $1.25 off, made $0.31

Luzianne Sweet Tea – $0.98, used a coupon for $1.50 off, made $0.52

TruWhip Topping – $1.98, used a coupon for $2.00 off, made $0.02

I got these items for free and made $0.85 by buying them.

I got these items completely free and actually made $0.85 in the check-out isle!

Tell me a penny saved isn’t a penny earned. 😉 I also promptly scanned my receipt into the Savings Catcher app, so if there was a lower price in the area I will get the difference back. I’m planning more posts like this to bolster your thrifty side, as well as some time and money saving life hacks and write ups on my favorite ways to earn money from home.  If you’d like to be notified when I make new blog posts, please sign up!

June 18 edit – Coupons reset, and I was able to score these things again (minus the Influenster items), and made another $0.85 today. 🙂


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