Is it time to cut the middle-man?

Hey all!  You know how excited we are when we get those great Swagbucks surveys that involve a product trial?  Well, I’m learning that you don’t have to wait for that magical survey to pop up.  By registering directly with market research companies, you can skip the middle-man (who of course takes his cut of the profit!).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not losing the love for Swagbucks, but this is something I just can’t ignore.

I have a very timely example too.  I registered with a research company just this week, and got a call the very same day to participate in a beverage taste test.  The pay is $30, and it’s scheduled for tomorrow.  I’m super excited!  It’s not all in-person trials either, there are online focus groups as well, and from the sound of things, $30 is one of the lower paying ones. o.O

This is a trusted database of market research companies – GreenBook

You can search by state to register with the ones in your area for on-site work, or even other states for the online focus groups.  I trust you will find this helpful, fun, and profitable!


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