Money Saving Deals

This page is a work in progress.  I will be adding to it as I go, to create a list of the best deals and steals.  Be sure to check back often!


$15 free clothing credit at Schoola.  Sizes 12 months through adult.  A percentage of each sale goes to fund special programs at schools all over the US.  This simply cannot be beat when combined with free shipping, which they do offer occasionally, making it possible to get clothing for free!  I have been very happy with my purchases, but be sure to look over each item very carefully for any flaws.  If you’re interested in an item, don’t think you can let it sit in your cart and come back to it later – much like at a thrift store, these one of a kind items sell quickly!


Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day

I won’t try to hide it – I love Amazon. ❤  They have scorching deals on almost anything you can think of.  The Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day is no exception.  They choose an item (or sometimes entire department – like jackets for example) to discount way below retail.  When you see an item you need, it’s the perfect time to snap it up!



Each Friday, Kroger offers a digital coupon you can load to your Kroger Plus Card for one free item.  They call it the Free Friday Download, and they have a nice variety of freebies, from yogurt to energy drinks.  Visit each Friday to download your coupon (you will need to log in or create an account).  The coupons are only available on Fridays, but you have two weeks to redeem them in-store.


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